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THOSE WHO VISIT GIANT SEQUOIAS TREES-the largest living things on earth, by volume-may be impressed and moved. Yet there is pleasure, too, in discovering a splash of delicate color amidst the great, russet trunks. In their native habitat on the western slope of California's Sierra Nevada, giant sequoia trees are scattered among other species that are worthy in their own rights of admiration and close inspection. This beautiful curated volume can be taken along on an amble through a sequoia grove to help identify and enjoy western azalea, mountain whitethorn, the Washington lily, and other botanical delights. A reminder of antiquity, the mature sequoia can live longer than three thousand years. The delicate flower growing nearby may do so for only a few weeks in a season-a thrilling contrast found nowhere else but among the giants. SHIRLEY SPENCER is a botanist, educator, and artist specializing in Sierra Nevada natural and human history, who lives just two miles from Yosemite National Park's Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias with her husband, Mark.

Living Among Giants

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