Logging in the Central Sierras; Author: Carolyn Fregulia


The logging industry in the Central Sierra was essential to the expanding economies of both California and Nevada for well over 150 years. During the Gold Rush, harvested timber in the foothill region of the Sierra was used for mining activities, in the construction of early day communities, and as fuel. Extensive logging of forestland in the higher elevations came with the advent of hard-rock mining, which required incredible quantities of timber. During the 1860s, the Comstock Lode of Nevada put a tremendous demand for lumber on the east slope of the Sierra. By the time the Comstock had concluded, much of the eastern face was denuded, with over one quarter of the prehistoric forest gone. Advances in technology further fueled the logging industry during the first half of 20th century. The Sierra’s logging days are waning now, but as this volume shows, it once played a vital role in the mountains’ economy, lifestyle, and identity.

Logging in the Central Sierras

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