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FLOY HUTCHINGS is on the brink of turning twelve. She is confident, clever, and adventurous-qualities that aren't typically appreciated in a girl in 1876. She is also stuck in crowded San Francisco and is simply aching to return to the majestic place where she was born and where she has always felt free: Yosemite!

A stroke of good fortune allows Floy to return to the valley she loves for another summer. Yet she soon finds that as more and more visitors descend on Yosemite, they bring troubling attitudes not only about how girls are supposed to behave but also about the Native people who have lived there for generations.

Against this backdrop of change, Floy nurtures her dangerous and secret dream of climbing the mighty rock called Half Dome.

Call Me Floy is steeped in the rich atmosphere of old Yosemite and is based on real people and true events.

Call me Floy

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