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Camplore and Woodcraft; Author: Daniel Carter Beard


Camp, explore, hike, discover, learn woodcraft--get outdoors and be at home in nature all through the year! First published in 1920, and never out-of-print, Daniel C. Beard's The Book of Camp-Lore & Woodcraft is a classic of the great outdoors. The author, a pioneer of the scouting movement in America, takes kids on a camping trip and instructs them in the art of building a fireplace and lighting a fire, designing a campsite, pitching a tent, cooking flapjacks (not to mention muskrats and porcupines), packing a trail horse, and handling an axe. As with his American Boy's Handy Book and The Field and Forest Handy Book, Beard's books are still invaluable after 100 years.

Camplore and Woodcraft

SKU: 9781567923520
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