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Fresno Wildlife - Rescue & rehabilitation Service - Coloring Book

85 percent of proceeds benefit the Fresno Wildlife Rehabilitation Service

This coloring book features detailed wildlife designs by Brenda Joseph, ready to be brought to life with color by children of all ages.  These pictures are of the actual animals saved by volunteers of Fresno Wildlife and released or they have become one of their ambassadors.  There are 24 pages ready for you to color, with examples of what the animals look like on the inside front and back covers, and there are 2 puzzle pages in the back.

Fresno Wildlife Rehabilitation Service (FWRS) is an all-volunteer, non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to caring for orphaned and/or injured native wildlife in our Central Valley. The organization has two main goals: to treat, rehabilitate and return all animals to their natural habitat whenever possible and to educate the general public in becoming more aware, concerned and understanding of our wildlife resources.

Fresno Wildlife Coloring book

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