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Women of the West; Author: Cathy Luchetti




“An authentic, refreshing and even inspiring view of life on the frontier.” ―San Francisco Chronicle

Winner of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award.

A myth-shattering look at the women who helped to settle the West, told through their own words and illustrated with 150 period photographs. Through these photos, plus diaries, memoirs, letters, and journals, Women of the West introduces 11 real frontier women whose words combine to re-create a place and time when resourcefulness and courage were demanded of everyone. This is American history, not as it was romanticized, but as it was lived. 150 period photographs


From the Publisher:

"Through a combination of historical research, excerpts from pioneer diaries and a remarkable collection of documentary photographs, [the authors] evoke a striking portrait of everyday life among nineteenth-century women "-- St. Petersburg Times
The focus on minority women gives this overview... a human appeal rarely touched in most history books of the westward expansion."--Kansas City Star


Women of the West

SKU: 9780393321555
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